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Information for Session Leaders

NTLP Conference for Library Supporters

Session Leaders:

Thank you for agreeing to lead a session at the 2012 Conference for Library Supporters. NTLP will be asking you to provide some information about your presentation so that we can prepare the conference materials and make sure your room is properly equipped. When you receive an email requesting your information, your prompt reply will help the conference planners do a better job.

If you wish NTLP to provide copies of handouts for your presentation, please provide the handouts in electronic format at least a week prior to the conference.

See below for guidelines regarding handouts and time length of your session.

Some Tips and Guidelines for Conference Session Leaders

Session Content

Attendees at our previous conferences have indicated a preference for “how-to” sessions whenever the topic lends itself to such. For example: a session on blogging would not only define blogs, but provide specific instructions or demonstration on creating a blog.

Guidelines for Handouts

Large presentations can be formatted with multiple slides per page to reduce the number of pages in the handout. Also consider the possibility that some slides of your presentation might not need to be included in the handout.

Handouts to be posted online should normally be in PDF format. If you give us a Word Document or PowerPoint presentation (PPT file), we will convert it to PDF ourselves, making our own decisions about formatting options. One multiple-page file is better than many one-page handouts.

If you are providing a PowerPoint presentation, please be sure that the text on each slide is large enough to be legible when printed with multiple slides per page.

Please do not provide videos or slideshows (including PowerPoint PPS files) to be posted online. Feel free, however, to provide a document containing a link to a video or slideshow available elsewhere on the Internet.

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